Electromagnetic flow meters

The electromagnetic flow meter ModMAG® M1000 has been designed to fit into the MAG meter series and especially for applications in machinery plants, vehicles and batching processes. The applications range from DN 6 to DN 500 with the most various process connections like DIN flanges, dairy pipe connections, TriClamp®, etc.

Open channel measurement

The iSonic 4000 is an intelligent and versatile ultrasonic meter / controller designed to measure level, volume and open channel flow. It is used for influent and effluent measurements, flow control and data logging.

Ultrasonic flow meters

Ultrasonic signals are alternately sent in and against the flow direction. Ultrasonic energy bursts are transmitted and received via well-defined paths across the flow stream. The velocity of the flow is accurately measured by the difference in the arrival times of signals from the upstream and downstream transducers.

Vortex meters

Within the flow meter as flowing media moves across the strut or “bluff bar” vortices are also shed, but on a smaller scale. The meter transmits an ultrasonic beam through the vortex pattern downstream of the strut. As vortices are shed, the carrier wave of the ultrasonic signal modulates.

Turbine meters VISION

The small turbine meter VISION 1000 measurement technology is ideal for the accurate measurement of small flow rates, such as for the flow of water, deionized water, cooling water in the semiconductor industry, brewing water or heated water in coffee machines and also to measure the flow of cooling water in laser systems.