Metering Pumps

Most metering pumps are oscillating displacement pumps. An exactly defined volume of liquid is drawn into the displacement body on the reciprocal stroke and forced into the metering line on the compression stroke.

Disinfection Systems and Oxidation Systems

All the resources invested in technology research and development were well worth it, because when it comes to hygienically pure water, ProMinent® products and systems are state-of-the-art.

Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology

Measuring and control technology needs to deliver high performance. That includes precise sensing. In this way, liquid media can be metered with absolute precision. ProMinent experts are passionate about industrial process engineering.

Membrane Technology and Membrane Filtration

ProMinent is an expert in membrane filtration and supplies a wide range of high-quality system technology. Combined with the extensive ProMinent® product range, made-to-measure solutions can be developed.

Metering Systems

There’s nothing wrong with using individual components for liquid metering, but complete systems make a lot of things easier. Only a single supplier and contact is required. There are no interface issues between components. Some assembly steps become unnecessary.